Alligator leather is a strong, durable leather from one of nature’s most prehistoric animals. This alligator leather has been popular in many applications – garments, furniture, upholstery, trims.  It can be finished and dyed in almost any color; Alligator leather, when properly footwear, purses and apparel have all had a touch of exotic crocodile skin to enhance its luxury appeal and style.

Here are some reasons why the alligator leather trade thrives:

  • It’s a timeless luxury – Alligator is to leather what diamonds are to jewelry; it’s always had high value luxury appeal. Many have had alligator leather pieces and antiques handed down to them from grand parents and great grandparents. Whereas most of the world thinks of cowhide when they say “leather”, an enthusiast knows that
  • It’s easily recognizable – In fact, it;s so recognizable, that there is an entire market for fake alligator leather goods like purses and accessories, usually made of cheaply made thin plastics and colored to have the appearance of real alligator.
  • It’s the most popular Exotic leather – In the United States, there is no more popular exotic leather than Alligator. There are many places outside of the U.S. where it’s also popular, creating a popular and high dollar export for the United States.
  • The alligator population is thriving and well managed – Back in the 1970’s, alligators were endangered due to over-farming and lack over conservation oversight. After conservation was put into place, alligator farms sprung up across the Southeast United States and the populations have recovered dramatically, increasing the populations nearly threefold in a little over two decades.
  • Alligator skin has diversity – alligator can be crusted, tanned, and finished, can be custom dyed and finished in any color. It can be glossy or matte, increasing the likelihood that a production artist can find the colors and fashion of genuine alligator that enhances the creativity and artistry of a finished application.