About the American Alligator

Authentic American Alligator Mitchell and Ness Snapback Hat in Black

A great quick video explains the A mississippiensis species – American Alligator

How to tell if Alligator leather is real or fake

Are Genuine Alligator Leather Products Illegal?

How are Alligator hides used?

How Alligators are Farmed

Caring for Alligator Leather

Alligator Care and Feeding

This is a fantastic video – this guy has trained his American Alligators to go into a cage when he whistles, then there is a brief demonstration during feeding time, as well.

Alligator on the Highway

Police try to move a wild alligator that roamed onto the highway in San Antonio. I think they would do better with a steak or a chicken than bonking it on the head with poles!