All reptiles shed their skin in some way shape or form.  While snakes often shed all of their skin off at once and lizards will shed in patches as they grow, Alligators and Crocodile skin is scaly and often will come off in individual scales instead.  So, while alligators shed their skin like other animals do, their “molting” is much different than other reptiles.  Just like most animals including Mammals, a healthy alligator will continue to shed its scales regularly, rubbing up against trees and rocks to rub off the dead skin.

As Alligator shed their scales, newer, larger, and denser scales are formed as the Alligator grows in age and size.  This makes their skin incredibly dense and strong, resistant to the abuse that would tear or scar the skin of most mammals, including the false theory that their skin is “bulletproof”.  While not bulletproof, alligator leather is extremely durable and this makes it a popular leather to use in products and upholstery where a very dense yet attractive leather is needed.

While we’re not entirely sure how many of the extinct species of reptiles like Dinosaurs shed their skins, we are certain that they did indeed shed as well!